What is the difference between "Rec" soccer and Parkville Travel Soccer?

Recreation Soccer is open to all children who wish to play. The focus is on fun and learning basic soccer skills.  Travel soccer is a "step up" from Rec Soccer.  It is intended for players who have previous recreation, travel or club soccer experience and desire a higher level of skill and competition.  There is more of a time commitment and cost involved in travel.  Prospective players are required to try out for a spot on the team.

When is travel soccer played?

Parkville Travel Soccer teams play 4 sessions per year...Fall Outdoor, two Winter Indoor Sessions and Spring Outdoor.  For the Fall there is a Saturday League and Sunday League.  It is up to the Coach as to which day/days the team will play. Some teams do play both days. Currently the Winter League plays on Saturdays at various Sports Arenas in the area and the Spring League plays on Sundays.  These days are subject to change at the discretion of Central MD Soccer Association (CMSA).

Where are games held? How much traveling is involved? 

Parkville Travel Soccer's current home fields are Pine Grove Elementary and Pine Grove Middle. Games can be played anywhere in the Central Maryland Region usually no more than 50 minutes from the Parkville Area.  Seasons involve a combination of home field and away games.

What is the cost of Travel Soccer?

The average yearly cost for most players is around $500 per year which includes the cost of uniforms, registration fees and Identification Cards. Tournament fees are additional.  These fees can vary based on the number and location of tournaments that the team participates in each season. Not all teams participate in tournaments, however most teams average 3-4 tournaments per year which are held in the Greater Baltimore Area, and are at the discretion of each coach, although some tournaments may require travel and lodging.  Players are required to purchase their own cleats, shin guards and soccer ball.

What is the time commitment?  Can my child continue to play other sports?

Travel Soccer is intended to be a part of the child/families life but not the sole focus.   Most teams hold practice sessions twice sometimes 3 days weekly in the Fall and once or twice weekly in the Spring.  To play at this level of competion and to build their skills players are expected to make as many practice sessions as possible.  Players are welcome to participate in other sports and activities however during the fall season most coaches expect soccer to be the priority and are more lenient in the winter and spring.  Each Coach/Team has his/her own policies regarding attendance, but all adhere to these general guidelines.

What can I expect at try out sessions?

Prospective players and their families will meet with the coach and make sure parents/players have a general understanding of what Travel Soccer is and what the expectations are.  Players will be evaluated on their athleticism, soccer skills, endurance and overall attitude.  Most sessions last between 1.5 - 2 hours.   Players should come dressed in comfortable shorts/shirts (without team logos or names), soccer cleats and shin guards.  Expect different exercises and drills that involve running, dribbling, shooting and other soccer skills.  Each Coach has his/her own policies but in general for teams holding 3 try out sessions players are expected to attend at least 2 sessions.  For 4 session try outs, 3 session attendance is required.

When will we know if we have been selected for the team?

Most coaches will contact parents within a week of the last try out session.  However some coaches may not fill their rosters right away but will normally notify the parents if that is their intention.

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